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‘spICED by Rayeesa’

There are many curry sauces out there, but you’ll find that ‘spICED by Rayeesa’

is the only frozen one. Freezing the sauce at point of perfection means that the full fresh flavour of the spices are locked in and the calories are low, making it all too easy to have curry every night.

'Spiced by Rayeesa' was launched in June 2015 by mother and daughter duo, Rayeesa and Farah Asghar-Sandys. Rayeesa, a Metropolitan police officer, traded in her truncheon for a chef’s jacket and started an award winning Indian cookery school, but found that despite people being able to cook tasty and healthy Indian food, they still wanted a fast solution.


Innocent Smoothies founder Richard Reed said that the sauces were ‘Knock out delicious’, and the ‘Spiced Girls’, as Rayeesa and Farah call themselves, believe that they are spearheading the luxury frozen food market, ‘Consumers are more travelled and health conscious than they used to be, they are really looking for great tasting products that are healthy and convenient, and our product does all 3’.

There are 4 recognisable flavours in the range and the Spiced Girls see an expansion of their concept into Indian breads, chutneys and puddings to sit alongside our current range. The frozen element of the product also reduces waste due to the long shelf life available through freezing.


With consumer trends heading towards full flavour, health and convenience, with a respect for the environment, this really could be the catalyst of an influx of the luxury frozen food market.


Find out where to buy through the frozen curry sauces by visiting www.spicedbyrayeesa.co.uk


Follow the ‘Spiced Girls’ adventure on twitter @SpicedbyRayeesa and on facebook


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