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Whipped Lightning
The World's first alcohol infused whipped cream

When people try Whipped Lightning for the first time, their reaction is both repeatable and predictable 99.9% of the time. As taste buds engage, eyes widen and look at you in disbelief; “….you really can taste the alcohol….. It’s delicious!”

Whipped Lightning is the World’s first alcohol infused whipped cream, a product which has been manufactured and sold in the US since 2008. Having launched in the UK at the end of Summer 2013 the reaction has been positive, encouraging, and exciting.

This delectable topping really will add some excitement to your kitchen cupboards, and innovation to your drinks and deserts. Coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes, cocktails, brownies, berries, pies, crumbles, ice cream, and the list really is infinite. The grain neutral spirit acts as a preservative so this cream does not go in the fridge, in fact if it does, you ruin it: The cream separates from the alcohol and a runny non whipped variety pours from the nozzle.

Available in 10 different flavours you’ll be sure to find one to go with almost anything. Good for 18 months from when it was manufactured shelf life really isn’t an issue with this very user friendly adults only topping. If only you could keep your paws off the can so it lasts more than a week! How much you can actually get out of a can is like asking how long is a piece of string; it really depends how heavy handed you want to be. During a recent test the Pacific Trades team poured 40 shot toppings and still had product left in the can. To ensure you get as much out of your can as possible you must shake it really well before use, and hold completely upside down when you pour. Rinse the nozzle well under the tap when you are finished and it will be fresh for next time. The rest should be left to your imagination.

You can buy your own can of Whipped Lightning at www.drinksupermarket.com

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