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Grenada is an English speaking, tri-island state with a cosmopolitan population of about 96,000 people. The island is divided into six parishes and there are five main towns with many villages along the coastline and in the hills, linked by a well-planned road system. Private cars, taxis and mini buses provide a reliable transportation system.


The real estate market in Grenada remains appealing because it offers some of the region’s most affordable properties in a landscape of unquestionable natural beauty and charm. All this is a relatively stable economic and political climate that is conducive to safe investment. Ownership of real estate is either by absolute ownership of the freehold interest or by way of temporary ownership i.e. relatively short term rentals. The history of leasehold ownership is rudimentary.

RE/MAX Grenada Ltd:

RE/MAX Grenada Ltd.offers top quality real estate services in Grenada. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent property, we can provide you with the services needed.

Our commitment to professional service, honesty and efficiency has helped to make us one of the leading real estate companies in Grenada.

We aim to position RE/MAX Grenada as the organization of choice for forward thinking real estate entrepreneurs and top producing, experienced estate agents, through promoting a caring, independent business environment conducive to excellence. Thus, positioning them with industry leadership, cutting edge training, the latest in technology and the best support, adding to the professional pool of real estate agents in the #1 real estate franchise in the world.

The RE/MAX Grenada office is home to outstanding agents who have earned several awards celebrating outstanding results within the RE/MAX franchise, including, the Hall of Fame award, the Lifetime Achievement award as well as members of the 100% club.

Grenada not only offers some of the regions' most affordable properties in a landscape of unquestionable beauty and charm; but also, a stable economic and political climate with a low crime rate, conductive to safe investments.

A respected source (Kerry Smith: Editor, BA High Life Magazine) has asserted, "Grenada is destined to become the newest hotspot in the Caribbean."

RE/MAX is a Leading International Real Estate Organization with offices in over 90 Countries with more than 100,000 Sales Associates.

Every 30 seconds, a RE/MAX agent helps someone find their perfect place!

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