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Turks & Caicos Islands
It is such a refreshing change
to feel optimistic!

Here in Turks & Caicos Islands, or TCI as it is known locally, the realty market is moving again, moving well and moving in every category. After nearly three years of a dismal stall, asking prices and buyer confidence have converged at an excellent point for both.

There is a veritable cornucopia of good properties available for sale : commercial rental units, condominiums, residential homes, villa rental properties, vacant land – and even small businesses. With its unique location, directly accessible in just over three hours from New York, Newark, Boston, Washington, Philiadelphia, Charlotte, Toronto, Atlanta, plus several daily flights from Miami, TCI is a very handy get-away destination. Physically, the country has again and again been lauded for its incredible beaches, pristine reefs and fabulous turquoise ocean – all accolades truly well deserved.

Turks and Caicos Islands, a tiny country of 30,000 people, has had its fair share of fame and infamy these past few years. With the UK stepping in directly to modernize the government and its relationship with this dependent territory, the future holds full promise. The oversight and involvement of the UK stand as a strong factor for the security of realty investment here. Indeed a remarkable combination of UK government, US Dollar currency and Canadian banks puts TCI in a special niche for investors. The appeal of TCI’s offshore tax haven status and the flexibility this offers is yet another strong factor to promote realty investment here.

The island of Providenciales is the engine of the country, with fabulous hotels , resorts, condo developments, restaurants and all the water sports anyone could imagine, but the other islands each have unique charms. North Caicos with farms and fruit trees, solid local economy and international airport is poised to boom. Grand Turk is the capital, the cruise ship port and a colonial gem, with world class diving so it too is moving steadily forward. South Caicos and Middle Caicos are an ecotourist’s dream come true with vast open spaces, bird life and sport fishing, friendly villages, and slow smaller scale development is expected. Salt Cay is the tiny island time forgot, with a growing population of resident expats, and nominated to become a UN World Heritage site. Buying property on any of these islands now will hold good potential for capital growth.

And then there are the private islands. TCI has four totally different, totally fabulous private island communities with a lifestyle for every taste. Pine Cay, established in the 1970’s, is the quintessential old style Caribbean retreat. This is an 800 acre island, owned by the exclusive membership, with The Meridian Club Hotel, a protected marina, its own airstrip and the finest soft white sand beach in the country. Parrot Cay stands out as TCI’s home for the rich and famous featuring the Como-Shambala resort, an outstanding hotel & spa retreat that caters to its guests and homeowners on a superb scale. Ambergris Cay is the most ambitious Caribbean development in recent years, offering sanctuary for those flying in on private jets to roam this ruggedly beautiful island, savour the natural beauty there and enjoy the members amenities. West Caicos is serenely waiting, with a wonderful harbour, innovative design concept and management planned with a major hotel brand to combine private villas, rental income and first class facilities. TCI is very proud of each of these islands, and ownership on any one of them is a treasure to last long into the future.

Turks & Caicos Islands is a new destination, growing quickly famous, but now is the right time to come, visit, explore and buy in! Whether for a family residence retreat, a modern resort condo, or a private island membership, you will find the property that best suits you and your family in TCI.

Author Sara Kaufman has made her home in TCI for seventeen years, writes regularly for several publications, and manages the Forbes, Forbes & Forbes Ltd. realty brokerage.

Check out www.forbesrealtytci.com and www.pinecayrealty.com for her property listings in TCI.

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